Serving The Basic Needs of Kids

We have always focused on the needs of children. Both Barbara & Ed have been personally involved for over fifteen years at Boston Children’s Hospital and Horizons for Homeless Children in Boston, which also been among the Foundation’s longest-term partners.

As the Foundation began to focus on refugee causes, we have carried this commitment over to the needs of refugee children around the world. Our current  focus is in Greece and Israel, countries with relatively advanced economies, refugee populations which represent less than 1% of these countries’ populations, and where refugee and asylum seeking youth lack basic protection and full access to education. 

In Athens, we partner with The HOME Project, which operates eleven shelters, serving 220 unaccompanied minors. These are some of the finest shelters in the world, filled with so much love for kids who especially need it. We have worked closely with the leadership to create innovative education pathways for The HOME Project kids, including scholarships at ACS and Athens College. Our co-investors in The HOME Project are The IKEA Foundation and Libra Group.

In Israel, we partner with Unitaf and the Municipality of Tel Aviv to ensure that young children/babies of asylum-seekers from Eritrea and Sudan have appropriate care and education.