Legal Pathways

Refugee and asylum law exists to give individuals a fair trial. We invest in great legal aid organizations because we believe that everyone is deserving of a legitimate and fair trial, and because we understand the potential for scale when those individual cases can be used as strategic litigation.

In 2016 in Greece, we helped establish a legal aid operation with HIAS on the island of Lesvos. In the US and Europe, we partner with IRAP: The International Refugee Assistance Project. In Israel, we have been partnering with HIAS to protect the rights of the 33,000 Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers there.

In Boston, our legal partners are: PAIR Project—the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation, and BIJAN—The Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network, a joint venture between The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and Episcopal City Mission. PAIR’s mission is to “provides free legal services to asylum seekers and promotes the rights of detained immigrants”, while BIJAN raises money to help detained immigrants post bail for release from the ICE Boston detention center.