How We Partner

We see our work following along a continuum of serving immediate needs of the most vulnerable refugees and solving complex, structural problems in the resettlement system.  

Those are two decidedly critical roles, and each context presents a different mix of the two. Put simply, we feel compelled to serve where we identify critical gaps in provisioning for the most pressing needs such as shelter, food, water and education. We attempt to solve when we identify opportunities to address structural gaps in refugee program (such as resettlement). 

On the previous tabs you found the six core categories of programs we fund. The first two are serving the most vulnerable, and latter four are solving more complex challenges.  

Across the six categories, as well as our additional work outside of the refugee space, since the founding of The Shapiro Foundation (along with our family's Donor Advised Fund), we have invested over $50 million with our partners. In each of 2018 and 2019, we funded more than $10 million/year and expect that amount to grow as we continue to gain expertise in driving impact with existing and new partners around the world.  

We hope those pages gave you a clear sense of our many extraordinary partners and some of our most impactful programs. Should you want to learn more about any of them, we're always happy to put you in touch. 

Our Process

Our Foundation seeks to be the most collaborative, nimble and forward-thinking partner to great NGOs (large, medium and small). While we do not have a formal RFP process, our very specific focus areas (programmatic and geographic) and hands-on approach limit our ability to actively consider new partners . However, if an organization believes it is a good fit for our work, we encourage you to send an introductory email with a description of your organization/program and mission.

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