BVOR Refugee Resettlement Fund 2019!

We are honored to be a part of an incredible effort to resettle up to 1,100 refugees in Canada this year. Interested in sponsoring a family in your home town? Interested in linking your US-based group with a Canadian group to help them sponsor? Interested in joining us and making a donation?

Join Us!

Our Four Cornerstone Projects

Refugee Resettlement in Boston


Since 2016 JFSMW has taken a leading role in community-based resettlement of Syrian Refugees across Greater Boston. Our foundation proudly gave the seed funding to launch the pilot, a national model, which brings together HIAS, synagogues, and partners beyond the Jewish Community. All with a goal of helping recently resettled refugees reach self-sufficiency. 

College Degrees for US Resettled Refugees


Through an innovative partnership with SNHU's College For America, we are piloting a first-of-its-kind College program for over 1,000 Dreamers and resettled refugees in the US to earn their college degree. SNHU's program is a competency based, flexible and affordable option for Associates and Bachelor's degrees. We launched at our first site, Duet, in early 2018 and hoping to launch in two additional sites in 2018 and are closing in on our 100th student.

Shelter and School for Unaccompanied Refugee Children in Greece


There are approximately 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children in Greece and that number is only rising. Their living conditions are horrible--whether in refugee camps on the island of Lesbos, or on the mainland in Athens. We have partnered with The Home Project in Athens to open an orphanage for young girls. Built off that success, as of September 2018, The Home Project and The American Community Schools of Athens will partner to offer a first-of-its kind fully-integrated education for refugee children in Athens. 

Serving Israel's Asylum Seekers Through Education and Basic Needs


 Israel is currently host to more than 33,000 asylum seekers, the majority of whom are from Eritrea and Darfur. Many of the African asylum seekers entered Israel through the Sinai after a life-threatening journey at the hands of human traffickers. Their ability to exercise basic human rights, access asylum, and live in dignity and safety in Israel has been an ongoing challenge for over a decade. We are focused on serving basic needs--particularly for children by opening pre-school classrooms with Unitaf